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y0u have made me..

you have made me did'nt sleep. you have made me cry. you have made me br0ken. you have made me going crazy. you have made medidn't understand the world. you have made me feel this way. you HAVE made me. & you are not going to make me bad anymore. you have been my first love. you HAVE BEEN. you aren't anymore. you are awful !! piss off boy !! i do not want to see you one more time. i do not care for you anymore. it's all the same for me. you are crossed out of my life. at last ..

18.11.07 23:03

our time together was the very best time in my life.i cannot remeber that there was a better time ever. & i can not forget you and it hurts so much. but i want to thank you for this special & wonderful time.nobody gave me this feelings like you did.you shall know this, okay?! remember, you are a beautiful person!! don't think your life is over !! you can get everything if you want it ..
12.11.07 15:04

show me the way.

please. show me the way !! please show me how to forget you. how to forget the time we had together. how to forget my feelings about you. show me how to forget how sad i felt/ feel because of you. show me how to be happy again !! <*3
11.11.07 15:13

feelings <'3

this is a blog just for my own feelings.at the moment my feelings are completly mixed.on the one hand I'm happy and I love my life but on the other hand I think about my broken heart and about the things other people say about me.
8.11.07 11:38